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[Full Download ] Unconditional Self Acceptance

Cheri Huber: Unconditional Self Acceptance

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Editorial Reviews About the Author Cheri Huber has been a student and teacher of Zen for 30 years. She is the author of 17 books including There Is Nothing Wrong with You, The Fear Book, The Depression Book, When You’re Falling, Dive, and the popular workbook How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything. She founded the Mountain View Zen Center in Mountain View, California, and the Zen Monastery Practice Center in Murphys, California, and teaches in both communities. Cheri conducts workshops and retreats around the United States and abroad.

WARNING: THIS COURSE will teach you nothing you don't already know, it asks for all the enthusiasm and attention you can muster, and it's 100 percent guaranteed NOT to improve you at all! So, why have thousands of participants at Cheri Huber's acclaimed retreats returned to their lives with such gratitude and joy? At the heart of so many of our "self-improvement" hopes lies the illusion of self-control, she teaches. Unconditional self-acceptance is very much the opposite: it is revealed in the boundless delight we felt as children before we were "trained" to feel different. It's a natural way of being that, yes, you can absolutely rediscover. That's where Unconditional Self- Acceptance will guide you. Cheri Huber's own path began with a long journey into her emotional storms, through the paths of Zen and other traditions, and fi nally, into the insights gained from self-inquiry and those of her fellow seekers and students. What evolved was a "do-it-yourself" audio workshop that features an engaging, time-tested sequence of powerful questions and practices for breaking out of old patterns that stop us from perceiving, feeling, and acting with true freedom and fullness. "If selfimprovement actually worked," asks Cheri Huber, "wouldn't it have by now?" With Unconditional Self-Acceptance, you'll be challenged to let go of that burden-one moment, one thought, one observation at a time-as you fi nd your way back to your original nature, a state of unsurpassed spontaneity, creativity, and self-acceptance.


4,5 / 5


  • ISBN-10: 1591792371
  • Language: English
  • Audio CD

  • File size: 3,5MB

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